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GLPrepaid MasterCard®
GLPrepaid MasterCard®

Prepaid Card + Long Distance Card = GLPrepaid card

The GLPrepaid cards give you the convenience and purchasing power of a reloadable MasterCard® combined with long distance calling capabilities all in one card.

It is a Reloadable Prepaid card...

Just preload your MasterCard® and reload as needed so you can withdraw cash and make purchases both online and in stores.

AND a Prepaid Long Distance Calling Card!

MasterCard® is also a reloadable long distance calling card! So you can use it to phone friends and family anywhere in the world at competitive rates.
GLElite MasterCard®
GLElite MasterCard®

Ideal for corporate expense management or payroll.


Easy to administer. Easy to distribute. Easy to use.

Cost Effective

Streamlines processing and lowers distribution and fulfillment costs.


The employee can receive one or more additional cards to send to family or loved ones back home to use the program.


Welcome at millions of locations worldwide, wherever prepaid cards are accepted.

What Consumers Want

Research suggests that prepaid cards have strong appeal in incentive programs.
GLPrepaid MasterCard®
GLElite MasterCard®