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Here is a full list of all fees associated with the GLPrepaid card. There are no hidden fees or charges associated with our card and we're happy to tell you that we offer one of the lowest-fee prepaid cards in all of Canada.

GLPrepaid Card Fees:
GLPrepaid Visa card GLPrepaid Card Limits:
GLPrepaid Master card
Generic Card Cost FREE ATM Daily Withdrawal Limit $1,000.00
Personalized Card Cost COMING SOON POS Daily Withdrawal Limit $2,500.00
Reload Fee $5.95 Account Balance Maximum $5,000.00
POS Fee FREE Minimum Load Amount $10.00
POS International Fee $0.50 Minimum Initial Load $10.00
Monthly Fee* $2.50 Maximum Initial Load $1,000.00
ATM Fee (domestic) $1.95 Minimum Reload Amount $10.00
ATM Fee (international) $2.95 Maximum Reload Amount $1,000.00
POS/ATM/Online Decline Fee $0.29 Maximum Number of Loads per Day 2
POS Return Fee $0.29
ATM Balance Inquiry Fee $0.25
PIN Request/Change Fee $1.50
Card to Card Transfer Fee $2.95
Non-ATM Cash Withdrawal Fee $10.00
Replacement Card Fee $10.00
Foreign Exchange Fee 1.5%
Chargeback Fee $35.00
Interac Email Money Transfer Fee $3.00
Mobile App Fee FREE
Online Transaction History FREE
E-wallet access FREE
1-800 customer service (24/7) FREE
WEB Inquiries FREE
All fee amounts will be withdrawn from your card balance. Program Fees & Limits are subject to change.
* Starts 90 days from initial load.