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Reload your registered GLPrepaid card up to $500 at a time in three simple ways:

1. At a Group of Gold Line Authorized Retailer

GL has many authorized retailers across Canada. Look for the GLPrepaid card reload sign at your local convenience or grocery store. The cashier will swipe your card, key in the desired reload amount requested and give you a receipt for your records. Your new GLPrepaid card funds will be available immediately upon completion of the transaction. In order to reload your card at an Authorized Retailer, please make sure to register your card prior to visiting any of our locations.

2. Online Banking

Enjoy the convenience of Internet Banking! Reload your card by adding Gold Line Telemanagement Inc. as a payee through your online banking to add funds quickly and efficiently. Please make sure to register your GLPrepaid card online before adding Gold Line as a payee. Taxes and Fees will be deducted from the final load amount. Minimum reload amount is $20.

3. Through Interac® Online Payment

If you are someone who enjoys the convenience of quick and easy online banking, reload your card using Interac® Online! Funds will be safely and quickly transferred from your bank account to your GLPrepaid card. Simply register  your card online and login to your GLPrepaid account to begin using Interac® Online Payment.

4. GL Card to GL Card Money Transfer:

Transfer funds from one GLPrepaid card to another GLPrepaid card online or by calling Card Services at 1.800.624.6171.  Register your card online and log into your GLPrepaid account to transfer money. Card to card fund transfers are easy, fast, and secure. 

Note: Reloads and Card to Card Money Transfers are subject to a fee. Click here for more details

® Trade-mark of Interac Inc. Used under licence